Financial Crime Investigation Service of Lithuania (FNTT)


FNTT has the mandate to supervise VASPs, Trust and Corporate Service Providers, Real Estate Agents, Accountants, and Tax Advisors.   FNTT will soon be using STRIX to collect data from thousands of entities and individuals to assist in making AML/CFT risk assessments.  STRIX enables FNTT to conduct risk-based supervision while simultaneously expanding supervision capabilities and generating recurring savings through automation. 

As a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf solution, STRIX has been specifically designed to increase Compliance and Effectiveness to FATF Recommendations 26 & 28 and Immediate Outcome 3.

With its new “ Sector Recycling” feature, NRA’s are now much easier to perform.  This feature provides extended benefits to jurisdictions using Strix across many sectors, enabling assessments at a higher national level with comparisons between sectors (instead of entities) on the basis of data.  This is but just one new innovation by FTS that generates savings and effectiveness for STRIX users.

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