Isle of Man’s Financial Services Authority (FSA)


FSA is the latest supervisor to acquire STRIX and is already underway with AML/CFT risk assessments of their over 600 obliged entities spanning 28 FI and DNFBP sectors.  STRIX enables FSA to perform more effective AML/CFT risk assessments while significantly enhancing supervision capabilities and simultaneously providing recurring savings through automation. 

As a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf solution, STRIX has been specifically designed to increase Compliance and Effectiveness to FATF Recommendations 26 & 28 and Immediate Outcome 3 and has an ever-increasing number of users.

With its new ‘model sharing’ features, STRIX is setting the gold standard for reusability, allowing supervisors to share templates of whole surveys and risk models that are ready-to-go with other STRIX users.  This technology of sharing models is brand new to supervision and can save huge costs in technical assistance alone.

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