Leading the Way: New STRIX Product Release – Data Analytics v1.1


Financial Transparency Solutions (FTS) proudly announces the release of Data Analytics v1.1 for Strix™ AML, adding a robust new module to its off-the-shelf lineup. This addition provides Business Intelligence level analytics with powerfully informative dashboards, enhancing STRIX’s end-to-end AML/CFT Risk Assessment solution.

With the integration of Data Analytics, supervisors can now create, distribute, and collect risk and controls surveys, score and assess risks, and analyze results through a supervisor-specific AML/CFT lens. This enables a deeper understanding of risk and the appropriateness of the risk model.

Key features of the Data Analytics module include:

Collection of sector materiality (totals, number of entities responding to each question, geographic sensitivity, most common answers)
Identification of top entities for risk factors and result scatter visualization
Powerful geographic filters (filter risk factors by specific countries or FATF increased monitoring lists)
Horizontal comparison between multiple entities’ responses, scores, and geographic breakdowns
Trend comparison of entities versus sector average with geographic filters

Strix AML continues to lead the way in AML/CFT risk assessments, providing comprehensive tools for supervisors to enhance compliance and effectiveness.