Big Benefits with Off-the-Shelf Solutions: STRIX AML v5.4 Release


Financial Transparency Solutions (FTS) is excited to announce a major product update for the STRIX Off-The-Shelf AML/CFT Risk Assessment tool for Supervisors. The newly released Strix AML v5.4 is packed with expanded functionality, improved security, and significant enhancements to risk identification.

Key updates in Strix AML v5.4 include:

New Geographic Risk Focus: Identify top geographic risks for sectors and entities.
Outlier Data Point Identification: Detect outliers for each entity.
Off-site Controls Evaluations: Enhance remote assessment capabilities.

As always, Strix AML updates are free for license holders, incorporating lessons learned from numerous onboarding implementations and sector usage experiences.

Strix AML continues to lead the way in AML/CFT risk assessment, ensuring supervisors can #KnowYourSector with the latest tools and technologies.