Monaco’s SICCFIN Adopts STRIX AML for Digitalized Risk Assessment


Monaco’s SICCFIN, the supervisory authority for Anti-Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorism Financing, and Corruption (LCB/FT-C), has embraced digital transformation by adopting STRIX AML. This move will enable SICCFIN to benefit from industry-leading automation of the AML/CFT survey and risk assessment process, significantly strengthening their compliance and effectiveness with FATF standards for the long term.

With STRIX AML, SICCFIN joins its counterparts in fully digitizing their risk mapping. The implementation of this leading solution will automate the collection and analysis of questionnaires, as well as the entire risk assessment process. This advancement sets new international best practices in AML/CFT risk assessment automation.

Congratulations to SICCFIN for adopting these cutting-edge practices and reinforcing their commitment to compliance and efficiency.