STRIX AML Introduces End-to-End Automation with Data Analytics Release


Financial Transparency Solutions (FTS) is excited to announce the release of Data Analytics within STRIX AML, making it the first Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) application to connect the entire process of AML/CFT risk assessments in an automated manner. This innovation allows supervisors to have a comprehensive understanding of their sectors through seamless integration of data collection, risk modeling and scoring, and data analysis.

The new feature eliminates the need for recurring middle-man operations, such as organizing surveys, aggregating data, and transferring information to BI tools for analysis. Automation through STRIX AML is projected to save or add the equivalent of 2-3 full-time staff per 300 supervised entities, enabling supervisors to operate with full independence from IT specialists, programmers, CRM consultants, and data analysts.

This advancement marks a significant leap in efficiency and effectiveness for AML/CFT risk assessments, solidifying STRIX AML as a leader in the industry.

Strix AML – #Know your sector

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