We are excited to announce the commercial release of Strix™ AML, a state-of-the-art software designed for supervisory authorities to automate AML/CFT risk assessments. Developed by supervisors for supervisors, Strix™ AML enhances compliance with FATF AML/CFT standards by using Inherent Risk calculations and Controls assessments to generate Residual Risk ratings at the institutional level. Additionally, Strix™ AML provides Sector Overviews to improve sectoral risk understanding.

The Strix™ AML Scoring Module offers convenient and flexible risk model creation, supporting a truly risk-based approach to supervision that is both documented and defensible. This innovative tool generates recurring savings through automation, making it an invaluable asset for compliance and supervision efforts.

In other news, a very productive training event was organized by FTA at the invitation of the Maltese FIU (FIAU). The event focused on sector-specific ML/FT typologies, case studies, and red flag indicators, marking another significant step by Malta towards improving its compliance framework.